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Bevel help!


Senior Member
Okay - I was no stranger to the crappy bevel and emboss effects you could make in PS - so I made sure I stayed well away from ever using that effect.

However! There's gotta be an easy way to make the effect in this image:

Its cool and slick and is also used in Safari bookmarks if you wanna have another example.

How do you make this ? I'm baffled.



Junior Member
For the text it just looks like it's a solid white drop-shadow - set blending effect to normal, size to 0, angle to 90, distance to 1 or 2, and tinker with the opacity.


Senior Member
Well I thought that - but its got a darker bit along the top like an inner shadow. Surely theres a saved style out there somewhere.


Active Member
Gradient overlay using black/white, bring the scale right up (or down - can't remember which) then put it on either screen or multiply depending on the desired effect/colour of your text/object and adjust the opacity to suit, bobs your uncle, fannies your aunt.


Active Member
You'll need to attach a bigger image, then - can't make it out very well - thought I knew what you were talking about but obvo guessed wrong