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Beta Testers Needed

Discussion in 'General Business Forum:' started by david4ie, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. david4ie

    david4ie New Member


    Thanks to Boss Hog for giving me permission to post this....

    My names Dave Earley, I've just finished my first year in college in Ireland. During the year I developed a web-bases document management service. The application is now almost finished, but it needs to be tested.

    It was originally intended to be an image management system so it has many features which graphic designers, photographers etc. may find useful.

    Some feature at a glance :
    1. View edit image meta-data (and many other document types)
    2. Share multiple large files easily (1GB+)
    3. Create mini-sites to share specific documents
    4. Covert and resize an popular image formats
    5. and much more
    I would be very grateful if anyone who may be interested would sign-up for a free account and let me know what you think.

    The site is Filegoose | Simple Document Management

    Thank for taking the time to read.

  2. Footprint

    Footprint New Member

    Hi Dave,

    I am signing up for a free account right now.

    Without sounding to cheap......will beta tester get an account upgrade? :icon_tongue_smilie:

    Will report back in the morning after I have had time to mess around.
  3. david4ie

    david4ie New Member

    Hi Footprint,

    Thanks for signing up.

    I've set it up so everyone who signs up during the beta period gets the same allowance as the starter plan (with 500mb additional storage space).

    Thanks again
  4. Footprint

    Footprint New Member

    I have yet to receive my welcome email with the details to login.
  5. david4ie

    david4ie New Member

    Very strange, it should be immediate. I'll force a resend now.
  6. tom thurs

    tom thurs Member

    I've signed up, i'll let you know how it goes


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