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Best websites for self promotion as a designer

I want to build my web presence. I am looking for various sites through which to do this.

I currently have a website and am also signed up and using

Media Talent Bank

Anyone else know of other sites worth joining?
repeatxrepeaty.com - not sure how much traffic it currently gets but it has a lot of potential for exposure - although perhaps only to a niche market, or fellow designers.
If your trying to build up your web presence then it would be a good idea to look at SEO. Try creating some microsites on relevant domains to the area you live in. Have relevant content on there that google will recognise. Sign up to forums and blogs and post comments with a signature that has your links in, this works as incoming links to your site.

All these aspects will bring your web presence up and gain you more potential clients as you will have more of a visible presence online.

Social networking is good and you have signed up to a lot but it takes a lot of constant work to keep these updated. If you don't keep them updated it's a waste of time.
Yeah i am at the moment. On about page 3 right now on Google for certain search terms.. slowly getting there.

But im more thinking about sites to promote my freelance artwork. And just get the sites out there a bit more.
You should join forums (they give you a profile link) to your site, and discuss on multiple ones.
Also, share your designs on DeviantArt - great community.
I second this. Forums like this are a great place to start and DeviantArt has loads of inspirational work as well if you ever get designers block on a project!