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Best way to show work..

Heyy all, haven't been around here in agessss unfortunately. Had GSCE's etc, then had to get everything ready for college, then loads of college work, you know the deal.

Anyway, what is the best way to show my work.
I only have 2 different types i wish to show, Digital Art and Photography.
Atm i am using 2 different tumblr blogs, digiant and photoant. (.tumblr.com)

I don't really have the time to set up my own portfolio website, as it's just going to be to show friends, family etc etc, so not all that important. I also do not have a domain and host anymore to upload wordpress.

Reason i am with tumblr is it allows custom html/css when i need it, wordpress doesn't.
Any other suggestions?

Simple Flickr accounts better etc?

Any suggestions appreciated, :D


Senior Member

Bat signal style? If could work....

Seriously, there are some incredible designers/photographers out there using site far less technical than tumblr!

My favourite remains GodMachine () who still using blogspot as his main presence on the net!

Tumblr has advantages in networking and explanation of your work, flickr, same really (personally never got on with it), custom sites are more work to maintain, but are more professional, but that can be cheated a little with a url redirect. Wordpress can also do amazing things.

http://cargocollective.com/ is great if they let you have an account.

The rate things are going, a facebook wouldn't hurt (also hate that site personally).

At the end of the day, if your work is good, it shouldn't matter where its hosted.
I agree with you there, i also saw some amazing work still on blogspot.
Some amazing photography, digital art etc on flickr, and things such as deviantart.

Tbh mate, i think i am going to go with Flickr, not always been a fan of it but found out an old yahoo account and it already had a few of my photos uploaded. Alot easier than tumblr too as i can upload more than one image at a time haha.

I'll take a look at that link, thankyou!
Deviant art i love for photography and if your work is good it will get noticed! Also flickr! Sign up to them all and just keep pushing your work! Facebook is a must!!!