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Best time to send a review email?

So I've just signed us up to Trust Pilot to get some lovely (hopefully 5) yellow stars next to our websites results in the all mighty Google. I have to specify what time i would like to send out the emails to people asking them to review us...
I was thinking maybe 11am would be best then you can read it and do it lunch maybe? I know in the morning i generally scan through crap and instantly delete a load of stuff because generally i have loads of spam from the night before and nearer the end of the day i probably couldnt be arsed to fill one out.
So im just after opinions on what time what be optimal (if any) to send a review my company email out.
Any input greatly appreciated!

Oh and we have one review so far! http://www.trustpilot.co.uk/review/printedeasy.com


Staff member
I think 11am would be a good time.
By lunch it still fresh in the mind and near the top of the inbox.

Tony Hardy

Yeah, and don't do it on a Monday. On Monday's, people normally have a whole host of stuff to fend off after the weekend. Also, by Friday, people are bogged down. So Tues-Thurs?