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Best place to create website at?


Junior Member
I would be grateful if you guys shared some info about the best places to create website at, and tell me why it is better than others. It should be economical and reliable.
I'm looking to create my own website, so it'll be great help.


Active Member
Hi Harmini,

I'm not too sure what you mean by 'best place to create a website at'?
Do you mean like pre-built sites or website builders? or open source software to start a site?
If its opensource software you're after a good starting point would probably be Wordpress...

Tell us a bit more about what you're after...


Senior Member
f your looking to build and run your own wesbite but are not a website designer or have web design capabilities then you are ging to struggle to get something custom for your needs without learning some code.

Personally I would suggest looking at MR Site

Buy the package and you build your own website online through various stages of selecting templates, adding galleries, contact forms and shopping cart.

Not fully customisable though - and the templates can be rather/very bland...

What exactly are your needs for your website? Tell us this and we may be able to help you some more