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Best Painting Software


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My son wants to do some 'art' painting. He can't produce more arty farty stuff with Photoshop.He is mac based, what is the best application to produce art and painting.
He was talking about getting Bootcamp so he could possibly get CoralDraw - do they still make that?

So what should he be looking for?????


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berry you got a wacom tablet laying around at work, mine came with a version of corel painter (or you could download it) which I think would have worked on a mac too, I never bothered checking to be honest as I wasn't going to use it :)

Corel (draw) is still going but they do some specific apps which might be more to his liking.

Painter (11), painter essentials (4) and Painter Sketchpad - (links are on this page) - they're all available on mac too :) - the first two are more the painter style of work while the sketchpad is more of a designers sketchbook in my opinion.

You also have alias sketchbook pro (I liked this more personally when I tried it but its individual preference as they're all pretty similar) - probably a mix of the two above.

You also have anime/manga studio and artrage deluxe (all mac options too) - linky to sales page and they're pretty self explanatory in their names :)

Theres also some cheaper/free alternatives that might be worth looking at here

In my opinion the best program depends on what sort of work he wants to produce and how he feels comfortable doing it, might be worth trying some of the demos first


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I got him a small Wacom for his birthday, and that's what's stimulating his art and drawing. Don't know if it came with Corel, I'll ask

cheers Levi


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I know if someone else posted that question your reply would be

But we're not all as nasty as you :p I havent got any idea about digital painting but I know of a portfolio that might be useful. He uses a lot of watercolours & other paints but scans and then builds on them with digital.

Fatoe.com | Portfolio of Mike Orduña


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manga studio is also awesome!

there is a full version (££££) and a free version. that comes pretty highly rated!


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"hoisty" being free or discounted?

depends. name it (if typo hasnt sorted it out) and i can get you whatever. will PM it all though as it's against P&P to mention discount :\


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err not quite... i has to do all kinds of security shit before i go. could probably lift an iPhone but i would get but in jail.

and nah i has the day off tmrw and the day after that. then 2 more days work. then tunisia. 2 weeks. goodbye f'ing birmingham.