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Best Opensource Shopping Cart / ecommerce


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So we've got our "Best Opensource CMS" thread...how about we all shed some light on the best opensource shopping cart / ecommerce system.

I havent used many but am building a site at the moment using FatFreeCart. It's a really interesting concept however I feel it will only work for a small amount of sites/solutions.


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Magento looks interesting but a bit complex to work with even as a developer. Opencart seems very light but lacks customizability (well for the project i am working on that is). I decided in the end to roll my own which is a CMS and a ecommerce application at the same time. I am thinking of releasing it in the future as a open source application.


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Yeah, I found Magento very complex for changing/customising templates and layouts. I ahvent looked at Epncart any further than the website simply becuase I didnt like what I saw on that...

As for rolling your own...I would love to see what you have come up with and would of course be VERY interested if you released it as an opensource solution.


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Does anyone know if Magento is suitable to use for UK sites yet? As I remember looking at it a few months back and there were various VAT/Tax issues being posted on the UK section of the development forums. Some of the features on Magento look really impressive out-of-the-box so to speak, but have also heard a few negative things about loading times and hosting requirements as a result of that? Has anyone here built an e-commerce site using Magento?


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I know a while has passed on this one guys but I'm currently using Magento to design a store. I have to say it is really powerful but an absolute beast to work with. Styling/theming is a skull burster. As its new it seems there isn't much info or answers out there yet.
Anyone know of a good source of info on Magento? Even the magento wiki/forum seems full of questions and no answers!

- Shaun


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Magento is fully UK compatible Greg, the only problem with it other than its difficulty to skin is that you really need it to be running on a dedicated server, as its over heads are massive!!! I would go as far as to suggest a typical online clothing store on a shared environment using Megento would get you a call from the cluster sys ads. :)

I all seriousness, Magento is very very good, but only suitable for top tier ecommerce.
I have looked at alot of the popular solutions and alot of them are really complicated, especially for me. Im more of a designer than a dev and i wanted to be able to make sites like i normally do, then implement a e commerce solution INTO that design seamlessly.

I found the best option for this is wordpress with one of the e-commerce solutions. I am using wp e-commerce by instinct and i must say, its pretty damned awesome! I had no previous experience with wordpress but ive been able to do it!

The site is still a work in progress (because of stupid IE holding me back, i will probably post my problem after this :p) but you can have a look at how it works here: http://www.xfactorpcs.com/?page_id=100

It adds a new section in the wordpress CP and you can easily manage your products and their categories!