Best inkjet printer for use at home


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Hello! I am currently setting up my design business to run on the side at home alongside my full time design role and am desperate to find a decent printer that has amazing quality for prints on a high gsm stock. Are there any that you can advise? Many thanks!


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Depends on the volume of printing you will be doing... Check out the Canon Pixma Pro or Epson Expression series, they produce excellent quality prints


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Thank you! I was looking at the Epson expression HD Photo 15000. Was a little concerned as I would not be printing photos and only design. Won’t be doing a huge volume of printing but enough, a lot of my work I prefer to keep digital.


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Epson Expression Premium XP-6100 inkjet printer would be the best choice.
In your opinion...

Personally I'm not a fan on Epson printers, I think their prints are too 'dark'.

OP - My own printers are canon ones, just make sure you get ones with individual colour cartridges or the costs to run will be stupid.