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Bespoke Card Printing


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Hi guys,
Some of you may know that William and Kate arent the only couple getting married next year! I am in the process of designing some 'Save the Date' cards for my own wedding and I have an idea for a christmas themed card but Im not sure how much it would be to get printed.

We are getting married on 3rd Dec 2011 so my idea is to produce a postcard sized card showing an advent calendar image, but on the 3rd Dec square I want a door (like an advent calendar) so the recipient can open the door to reveal the save the date details.

My question is, how much would this cost to get 150 printed? I dont want to start designing it if I cant afford to get it printed! Thanks in advance!
It should be easy to cost once you work out how the thing will go together... I'm guessing two sheets glued back to back. Ascertain your finished size, number of colours and quantity and give your favourite printer a call to discuss production and cost.

I'd say it's a digital job, and price could vary hugely depending on your lead time, paper quality and finish and number of post-production steps (such as folding over and gluing instead of cutting and gluing for example.)



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thanks lee, i do have a basic idea of paper quality, finish etc, i just wondered if someone could give me a ballpark figure on the process before I go any further. I have no idea how much it would cost to produce 2 sheets glued back to back with one having a scored square that can open up!


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A friend of mine does this sort of thing by hand, she has just done some stuff for a wedding, do you want me to PM you some details?