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Besides A4 what other differences are there?

I am curious what major differences should I expect when I arrive in the UK this summer?

I know that your standard page size is A4 where here it is 8.5 x 11 inches. Yes I said inches, sadly Canada is strongholded into using imperial measurements for many things even though we are considered a metric country. So I guess millimeters instead of inches is another difference I should expect and am quite welcoming the absence of imperial I will experience while there.

Are there any other major or subtle differences in the graphic design industry I should be ready for?



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Careful not to throw out all your imperial knowledge! We're still ruled by DPI... And I still get loads of requests for 6 5/8in x 10.5in comic books.

Other than that, without knowing what the tics of the Canadian industry are, I'm not sure what to highlight. One thing I would suggest is getting hold of some good credit checking software (assuming that you plan to offer credit). Barclays do a really good one called Credit Focus - give it a google. Oh. and look up differences in the UK tax year & system generally. You do NOT want HRMC poking around more than is absolutely necessary!


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Can I just ask,.. Are you mental by any chance? I can't see any reason why you would want to move to England. We have crap roads, crap food, rubish weather, insane rates of taxation, useless cars and everyone & their dog owns an illigal copy of photoshop so must be a graphic designer!..

You do NOT want HRMC poking around more than is absolutely necessary!
I have recently been advised that if HMRC offer a free course in your area, you are well advised to go on it!! It's not a legal obligation but they record who attends their courses and are apparently less likely to poke around in your business affairs if youve been 'trained' by them.

North American English vs English English is one to be prepared for. Colours / colors etc.
And Adobe software doesn't always pick up UK/US spelling differences (regardless of how many times you tell it you want UK english)!


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Oh, and as a after thought,... are you aware of the RA & SRA paper sizes often used in printing? such as SRA4 etc..?

ISO paper sizes in metric:

If it helps ISO paper sizes in imperial:


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Thank you for your kind words

Everyone has some form of hate on for where they live.
Try enjoying 7 month winters that can get as cold as 50 below and living next door to to worlds political bully.

I guess. But at -50 in canada, life goes on. Over here you get a dusting if snow and the country is thrown into chaos.

Hope you didn't find my last comment insulting, it was written with the intention of being a bit tounge in cheek. Perhaps we've found something else for you to get used to?.. Differences in humor.
ooooo now I'd love to watch the country go chaotic over a dust of snow that would be funny as hell.

Hmmm I better get a feel for exactly what tongue n cheek means or it is going to cause me a lot of trouble. Normally if someone here was to say something like that to someone else it would be taken as a serious insult.

So what exactly is the difference of something that is "tongue n cheek" compared to not?


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I think as with all humor, satire subjective. It perhaps isn't as obvious in written format as it's the reader who determines how a phrase sounds and any underlying meaning rather than the author.