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Belated Intro.

Hi, I'm David

I recently read a more detailed introduction than normal and as I never did an intro when I joined the forum I decided to follow suit - I think it's a good idea to give some background.

I've had an interest in design/typography for many years. I started my working life as a compositor (typesetter) at a small family printing firm 40 years ago - this was metal type in those days.

When litho became popular I worked in a studio as a "paste-up" artist and eventually started my own little 3 man printing business producing letterpress and litho print in 1977. At that time we created typesetting on an IBM composer - it took a long time to get to InDesign.

I'm now semi retired - my hobbies are fly fishing for Trout and occasionally producing letterpress business cards on a little vintage machine.

I find this forum to be very interesting - and usually friendly.

- David