Behind the scenes look at the new Print Handbook


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Hi everyone,

I finally finished the new Print Handbook and thought some of you would be interested to see some of the behind the scenes bits and pieces.

This edition was printed on an HP Indigo digital press. All previous books were printed on litho presses so this one explores some new things like variable data. This is what the press looks like:

The Press.jpg

Because every cover is different (variable data)...


...I had to create 5000+ PDFs.

Lots of Files.png

And there were a few tweaks and changes on the cover so each time I had to leave my computer running for a day to create all the PDFs. All done in Illustrator CS6 and an XML file.

Here are some test prints to see how many hits of UV red ink we were to use. In the end we went with 3 hits which looks amazing under a black light.

UV Tests.jpg

I also explore Indichrome printing in the book which uses CMYK + Orange + Violet to more closely match Pantone spot colours. Here were some test prints to see if it was all printing OK.

Indichrome Tests.jpg

I hope you find that helpful and interesting. It's amazing what you can do with these presses. I was really impressed. I would totally recommend Pressision in Leeds who printed the book. They did a fantastic job of a very tricky project.




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Sorry that was too short and a bit mad of a post.

It looks great - and very well done... interesting project.


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This is cool. I'm gonna get one for sure, though I think I will try and see if I can get my work to buy some in instead first! This could be the missing link I've needed when working with printers. Really cool.


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Would that still have been possible for the artwork I created? I probably attacked the problem as a designer rather than a printer :)
To be honest, it would be my preferred workflow, as it leaves the RIP pushing the VDP and cuts down human side of workload. But I guess there's more than one way to do anything, and just because I'd do it one way doens't mean it would have been the right way.

You found a solution for your needs and that's all that matters :)