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Be kind...


My name is Rob. I am a software developer looking to make a career change into design work.

If anyone would be kind enough to give me a few pointers on where to start, that would be swell!


I would really like to know what major topics I should be looking at. Here's what I have so far.

Design Theory
Colour Theory
Software packages

Any others???

Would a training course be better?

Many thanks and regards,


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No worries :) I'm still spending as much time as possible learning as much as possible, one thing I must add, which I regularly fail to do...

The best way to get better is to practise.

It compliments learning in so many ways :)


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Welcome to the forum LifeChoice. I think the best thing you can do is practice, practice, practice.
Then let other people critique and pick your work apart, and then practice some more taking their advice on board.


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Thats even worse if its your relative. Anyway back to the topic.

LifeChoice, if you can afford some kind of training course it might be worth a shot, even if it just gives you lots of projects to practice with.


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Hello Rob. Welcome to DF^^ already some good tips for you, see? its wonderful here.

And maybe Jim looks so 'shifty' that I don't actually see it?:confused: ;)


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Oh, I see..I did not know you could remove such things from pictures. Wow Jim is so talented *swoon*

I love the expression on Typo's face in his current av pic. I have to wonder what he was looking at to have such an expression! ;)


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Not to mention that we also derailed poor LIfeChoice's introduction thread. :eek: But in a good way! :angel:

Well he'll just see what a bunch of silly people we are, no harm right?