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Basic Brand Guidelines Ai template?

Very lazy!! ;-) Keep it as simple as possible, we did one for a global FMCG co a couple of years ago, nearly 100 pages & cost them nearly 20k, within a month of release the countries were ignoring it! very disheartening! Sizing - minimum type element not less than 5.5pt, colours - CMYK, PMS, RGB of core identity, possibly secondary support palette depending on design. Fonts…show alpha/numerical of chosen fonts - maybe look at web compatible for consistency across all formats..print/digital. Usage rules, put a clearance area around logo, don't tilt, angle, mess with design. Don't deviate from colours, show examples of key usage pieces…letterheads, vehicles, brochures, web, etc etc. Of course it all depends on the design at the end of the day…how complex do you make it? If it's nice and simple then so is the manual. Can be 100 pages or 3 (also depends on budget!)
if you have a logo that utilises 3 colours - a dark red, black and medium grey would you supply pantone for the grey and black? i have the pantone for the red - unsure on whether needed for the black and grey?


yes, is it cool grey 3, warm grey 6 etc. etc. ?? Pms Black C….if you don't spec it someone will make an assumption and that is when the blame game starts!
Looks good although I think at bit of explanatory copy would be useful…

• First page after the cover - add new page that has a very brief intro to the brand & guide…"Welcome to Rock Star Racing the new home of… " and have a cool part of an image such as the action shot on P9. This is usually the Brand Positioning Statement too. It's too quick to just launch into a logo page without a brief intro of some sort.
• When or why do I need the 'powered by' sub copy version of the logo as opposed to the other one without?
• Logo on P2 with 'powered by' is different proportions to the one on P10 so already the manual is being disregarded…plus the 'partnering solutions' will fill in as it's way too small.
• Star logo page…"Brand Elements: Star Logo. Separate brand elements can be used as graphic devices blah blah"
• Last two pages of implementation look good & start to show the brand coming to life…the previous pages could maybe have a hint of that….seems like it's a dynamic brand so inject a little of that if you can?…even use the strip across the bottom of the cover on every page.

Who ever gets this manual will not know the new design anywhere near as well as you... so you have to assume they'll f@%k it up at the first given opportunity!

Hope that helps a bit...
Awesome thanks a lot! logo on p10 was a legacy version i hadn't updated with the revised powered by - thanks for noticing!

What do you mean by '
plus the 'partnering solutions' will fill in as it's way too small.'