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Barack Obama is lying about his birth certficate...


Active Member
I've just realised that the way this presents as a topic makes me look as though I might be some kind of Trumpian special case. Darn.

For the record, I am absolutely NOT Trumpian in my special case-ness...

Paul Murray

Staff member
Conspiracy theorists, where would we be without them?

I'm sure that there's a more thorough background check for Presidential candidates than a quick 'once over' of a birth certificate.

People need to just accept the fact that Obama is black, and he's President. Times change.
Hahah! That's insane and scary that there are people who believe this stuff.
It's weird that humanity can produce people like Einstein and yet there are people that come up with this.

I find it quite interesting that the human brain is like a pattern spotting machine and sees meaning in all kinds of things from Picasso to a conspiracy theorist