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Banksy VS Bristol

Just wondering if any of you have been to see the exhibition? I went today and queued for three and a half hours!!! Ridiculouswait but was really good fun and i love his work :)

Any1 here who doesnt like his work?

Here are some images i took:

Would have loved to go to that! Three and a half hours wait though? :confused:

I'm a big fan of his work. Looks like it was a really great exhibition. Thanks for sharing the photos Miss Birdy! :up:
Its on till 31st August but yeah the wait was pretty ridiculous! and ur kinds rushed when you get in cause everythings a queue its horrible :( and ur so tired from queuing you lose interest and wanna get out asap and get food lol


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i work just down the road from the exhibition and it put me off when i saw the queues each day. i reakon one day there must have been 500-600 people queuing. it was the biggest queue i have seen for something like that. it was annoying though cause you couldnt walk up the pavement to get to greggs. ummmm greggs.


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Banksy is like an x factor contendor. theyre awesome until they become "known" then its just boring sell out shit.


would've loved to go see this, but I knew it would be absolutely rammed in there :( booo