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Band of Brothers Return?

Hi All,

I dont know if there is any fans out there of Band of Brothers but apprently there is going to be a simular series appearing on our screens in November. The same creators HBO will be showing the mini series of "The pacific". You can see the trailer below it looks great! Can't wait!

YouTube - The Pacific Trailer (HBO)


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If you watch the opening title sequence on the BoB dvd set, where you see the parachutes in the background my mate nearly died filming that seen, his chute didn't open until a few thousand feet under the opening point.

Hasten to add, he hasn't jumped again! really shook him up, which is a shame.
omg i think i am going to watch that now! I have the box set on Blu Ray! When i watched the last CD though apprently there was only a few parachuters! the rest was cgi work.


still was the most awesome series on WW2 ... very upsetting in parts too (hell it made me cry in bits)...


it was very moving.. but i really didn't like Matt Damon in it... dunno why.. found him a whiney little bugger .. but thats just me .. great film other than that :)