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Bahrain - F1 2010


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Hi Guys,

Bahrain will be the opening race of the season. It's going to be an exciting start and I am going to be there to see it!

Maximum uphill slope: 3.60%
Maximum downhill slope: 5.6%
A relief that ranges from 0 to 18m
Three real possibilities for overtaking
Qualifying lap record (Old Grand Prix Circuit): 1m30.139s – M. Schumacher – Ferrari (2004)
Race Lap record (Old Grand Prix Circuit): 1m30.252s – M. Schumacher - Ferrari (2004)
Lap record speed (Old Grand Prix Circuit): 216.074 kph
Length of longest straight: 1090m (start/finish line)
Track length: 6,299m (3.91 miles)
Turns: 23 (10 left; 13 right)
Straights: 4
Width: 14m up to 22m

Not that this interest's a lot of people but I thought i'd put it on, I'm sooooooooo excited!! Who's going to be watching?

Race Predictions:

1. Alonso
2. Hamilton
3. Massa

5. Button
7. Schumacher

Race Result:
1. Hamilton
2. Alonso
3. Scumacher

Tom Sound

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I'm pretty excited for the first race Glen, not as much as you, but it's going to be good viewing that's for sure, hope you have an awesome time there!

jasonwall said:
defo watching... how about the new rear wing on the mclarens, excellent idea and one step ahead of the pack!
Love the idea mate, I dunno what other teams were bitching about "Moving Parts" this that and the other "its the rules"...I think its a great idea but I feel it wasnt used effectively at Bahrain as there wasnt a great deal off great over taking. I think the only overtaking was when Vettel had his mechanical issue.
You Guys must be made, how can you not be excited on race days...it really really does confuse me...Bahrain wasnt "an epic race" but hell it was good fun!!


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they all went around following each other until the one in front of them broke down or got stopped from coming out in the pits if a car is 50m's away, it's a stupid new rule.

I was under the impression that this new set of rules was supposed to make things more racy, there was more the year before and I doubt it will change to be honest.


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It wasn't the worst race I've seen, not quite as processional as it used to be. The new rules should makes things a little more interesting as the season goes on and the teams figure out hw to make the most of their strategies.

I like the fact that the drivers have to work harder and think a lot more about how they are driving with things like tyre and fuel conservation. Any overtaking that does take place will be down to thee sorts of factors instead of out and out driver ability.

I've always thought that F1 should be slowed down though to encourage better racing. It'll never happen. I always liked the formula ford route, everyone has a standard car and it's down to the driver skill as to who wins. Just like every other major sport, the money rules the way it's run.

Glen might be able to answer this one: If Webbers car was just as quick as Vettel's why on earth couldn't he get past button? What has changed in the last 20 years to reduce the amount of out and out racing in F1?

EDIT: The most interesting thing about this season will be watching the scrap at the back with the new teams fighting in out. Remember the good ole' days when you were lucky if 10 cars finished?


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I'm with you Chris it is dull. I'm not a fanatic, I prefer watching Moto GP because it's a lot more fun, but I always give F1 a go in the hopes that things will improve.


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Drivers sum it up (from BBC)

"With no refuelling, it will be difficult to see any overtaking, so after the first lap the positions will be set," said Alonso on his Ferrari debut.

Lewis Hamilton, who finished third for McLaren, added: "You start with fuel, you do one stop and it's pretty much a train all the way."

"The first lap is definitely your best chance of overtaking," admitted Button.

"Overtaking was basically impossible unless somebody made a mistake," the German said following the race. - Schumacher


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I watched the first one, it was the first race after all, but the quali's had more interesting action going on.

I'll probably watch the next one and if it doesn't improve I'll just go back to watching something like anime or redbull sports events if they're on :)