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Bad mouth cards


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Ooooh, Card Designs????

OK. Calling all young designers ( and Typo!) submit your card designs for BadMouthCards. I won't pay anything for the designs but you will get a nice warm feeling knowing that you help me become a millionaire and will have learnt the first rule in business of don't do anything for nothing unless you are a Charity. Please submit your designs by the bucketload as I need to buy some new Gucci luggage for my holiday in Jamaica. Thanks.
"oooo ooo I want to enter I want to enter! Finally this could be my big break after only having spent a week using photoshop"

Ah those were the days
This is amazing! Absolutely love the feel and look of the site and the actual cards are genius. Any chance of there being an option to have these printed up and purchased as proper cards in the future?


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concept started off as printed cards but we went down the low cost route of zero stock. May still do some printed cards. I know we've had a lot of interest in T-shirts so we'll see.


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Nice! I chuckled at the chicken one and the bashed crab is unexpected.
Could work well as posters, but as for printed cards I wonder how many card shops would be brave enough to display them on shelves! :D