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Background Image/Colour


I thought id bring my question to the experts:)

On my site, S.J Design - Home i want to change tha background from white to either an image or colour.

I have seen brief tutorials but that is only for background behind text.

Any of you have any ideas?

Btw i am a novice too:)




Senior Member
body {
background-color: #000;
// Replace #000 with the decimal colour of your choice.

Or in Dreamwever Right Click (PC) Cmd + Click (Mac) > Page Propeties> Choose you background colour.


Senior Member
No worries, I neglected to mention how to do a background image but if your using DW you've probably discovered that option is just below the colour.


Senior Member
I really don't want to sound like a dick, but should you really be offering web design services to the world when you can't change background colours?

I mean, that's like a mechanic asking for advice on how to change a wheel…
Well inititally i thought i was going to do sites as a friend of mine voulenteered to help however i am no going solo so web is off the agenda until i develop my web skills