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Background Art

Basically I suck at background art... It's always the part I struggle with most when it comes to digital painting, it never seems to look right. I dont know if it's because I have a very rushed sketchy style to my work or I havent practiced enough...
anyway was wondering if anyone has any tips they wanna share with me?

I'm working on something now, I have the figure pretty much down, she's ment to be walking in the early hours of the morning.. just starting to get a little light again but a few street lights are still on.

I attempted the start of a background... but basically you get the idea. I need help!

If anyone can offer any advice I would be really grateful :)


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I really like the character. As sketchy as the style is, the background definitely needs more structure, right now it's missing any kind of definition. I prefer the character without the additional lines on top as they obscure her a bit. If I were you I'd ask Mr Google for some photos that you could use to draw inspiration from in terms of composition and lighting. I think a rainy street/alley would work well with plenty of puddles and reflections. A street lamp would cause brilliant lighting effects not just on wet surfaces but in the rain itself too.
Thank you. It does defiantly lack definition, I like the rain idea too. Reflections may be a bit of a challenge, I'm not overly confident in colouring. I'm going play around with it though, probs keep posting little updates on here also.

Thanks Jim
Typo: I quite like the hazy/blur look haha, I mean she's suposed to have been walking for hours so that could give it a more abstract impression heh.

Webian: That's exactly what I was going for thank you!! Haha


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I didn't see it as a boy though she is a little tomboyish, The stance and build definitely look like a lass overall, a boy would stand completely differently. Unless it was A.A. Milne's original drawings of Christopher Robin, who always looked like a girl to me.
attempted new background...
it's still a little dull, maybe more attention to detail is needed, also not sure if the lighting is okay. I have been staring at it for too long, I'd appreciate a fresh pair of eyes on it :)

Thanks, any comments appreciated


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It looks like one of those old fashioned paintings that you can buy from cheap woman magazines. The legs of the girl are too short; her figure is disproportionate.
Cheap woman's magazines....magazines for cheap women?

I agree re leg length. Try changing the dark night into dark purples and blues...maybe a distant glow.

However at the mo it a pointless image unless it narrates a story.

Nice cone.
I saw a green cone tuther day. Happy as Larry I was.
Hey, the back ground still sucks. Ugh, I think I might take this down again and re work it. Possibly just scrap it and start afresh.

Not entirely sure what you mean by cheap women's magazine, maybe I dont read enough of them to understand. I'm guessing it's a pretty bad thing though.

I dunno about the legs, I kinda like them I think it gives her more character rather than a perfectly portioned figure and she is wearing a huge hoody, that kinda shrinks her down a bit I think.

O it's for a comic so it's like one of a few frames, that's why I'm thinking about the background so much.


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I thought the hoodie was just too big for her (hands inside the sleeves) which is why the thighs looked shorter (not the entire leg, calves look longer) . Plus some foreshortening for the walking action. Looked alright to me anyway.

As for that background, we're mostly looking at a blank wall. I think it would work better if we could see where she's going/looking.
As it's one panel for a comic, where is she going?? That should inform your background composition.


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Harri said:
Hey, the back ground still sucks (...)
No comment.

Harri said:
(...) Not entirely sure what you mean by cheap women's magazine, maybe I dont read enough of them to understand. I'm guessing it's a pretty bad thing though. (...)
Take your granny to the hairdresser or just go and see the dentist for a check (we should all do that anyway even if our teth are healthy). Then just give a quick look at the magazines you'll find. Notice the style. You don't need to read them :)

Harri said:
(...) O it's for a comic so it's like one of a few frames (...)
You should have said that from the start... it sounded as if you were talking about a single art work.
If it is a comic, it's different. A single frame doesn't matter as much, does it? It needs to be evaluated in a completely different way and I need to see a sample of the work it's part of. Plus I need to know the story (or at least the bit that is related to the image you've posted). It's a nonsensical discussion otherwise.
The original post was just general tips on background art, that was kinda more what I was after. Not so much as what it needs, but more techniques and ways of doing things. I should have been more clear.
Thanks anyway.


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Not strictly the same style as your work but maybe the style similar to that used in hyakka ryouran samurai girls (HRGS) anime (warning it's a bit ecchi) would work for the background.

HRGS is using a very uncommon style for anime with it's black outlined/sketchy characters, ink splodges etc but the background style could work quite well with your 'sketchy' look



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WEBIAN said:
No comment.
it's actually quite helpful to have a comment when you critique something

but good shout by Levi for background ideas, anime always seems to have crazy background art.