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back from the dead



Hello again everyone :)

well its been a very, VERY long time since I last posted anything on DF.

Sorry for the hiatus, just had a minor mental breakdown and am now on the mend :clap:

Now looking to get into Freelance if I can :)

Hope everyone else is ok :)


thanks for the warm welcome back :)

feeling better than I did... lets put it that way :)

the joys of a stressful job and all that :) currently taking citalopran for stress and mental well being.. fun fun fun
I had meningitis a few years back and was on Tramadol for quite some time when I left hospital accommodation.....That was fun...I also did some wicked and very weird art at the time.


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Well back Chris, I hope all is on the mend and getting better! remember ... "no matter how happy you think you are, you're never as happy as a Pineapple Chunk... They're well happy!" :)


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Haha I haven't read that pineapple chunk quote since I very first joined the forum! Is it from something or was it just an odd little thought lingering in someone's brain?

Tom Sound

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Hey Chris, welcome back :up:

I've not been round much either. In fact today is the first day I've been on any forums during the day since March probably. As part of my slack day today having just finished a mammoth job, I took time out to watch this too...