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back end website stats


Senior Member
Sometimes when I take on a redesign of a website, I realise that on the webspace is a back end admin area where the client can login to view the visitor stats of the website - in this case I always try to contact the previous designer/manager to make sure I do not damge the system.

However, something that I have only just started to worry about is how I can offer this to my own clients?

- Do i have to develop such a system to intergrate myself?
- Are there opensource solutions for website statistic back end intergration out there?

Thanks in advance,

PHil Johns


Active Member
It's normally something that's included in hosting packages, but a good one to use other than that would be google analytics, you could set an account up for your client to log into ((all you need to do is add some code to the bottom of your webpages)) or you can keep it under your own account and e-mail it to the client as & when.


Senior Member
Oh right, ok.

I have to admit I already use Analytics - dont know where I would be without it for my clients.

And yeh, at the moment I charge a little extra to provide my clients with a monthly written report.
Ya man, I haven't found anything better that analytics...google is the best.
While I use analytics as well. Woopra is by far the coolest and nicest software I've found. It is still in beta though so has downtime a lot (which is why I have google and woopra on my site). But it's pretty darn impressive.

Here are a few features I love:
- REAL TIME tracking, view and watch users in real time as they enter your site and navigate around
- Chat In real time with users on your site, requires no special plug-ins
- Track downloads, and direct links clicked (google only tracks pages, not actual clicks)
- Standalone PC software, run it in your system tray and set up custom event notifications if you'd like.

Those are just a few items, but overall it is really impressive. It's free currently in beta, but I'm not sure how much it will cost once it goes live. If it's cheap, I'll definitely be buying a membership.