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Ay up from a Yorkshire student!

Hi all!

I'm Lianna, a second year Graphic Design student at the University of Leeds. Looking forward to getting involved in many discussions on here, getting and giving feedback and hearing from you all! I'm currently on a mission to raise my online profile for a university project so any tips and advice you could give me will be greatly appreciated! Please feel free to take a look at my work at:


(please note: some of these sites are still under construction so be patient with me ;))

Any comments, follows and help will really help me

Thanks guys :D


Senior Member
Welcome to the forum :D

Not much advice on raising your online profile :p mine isn't that great

Twitter is the best thing ever though (oh second to DF of course ;) )
I've found Twitter to be really good for it! Wasn't sure on it at first, had no clue on how to use it but it doesn't take too long to become a wizz :D

DF does seem like an amazing way forward, I can't believe how quickly I got a reply on this thread! :)
Hey Lianna!

Welcome to DF. I saw your links. Your work is really good! Love your style. Abstract / modern art is it? (professional noob at such stuff :p )

Hope to see more of your stuff here.

Cheers :)


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Hi Liana,

Welcome to DF! Look forward to seeing how your pasta project turns out, like the mathematical thinking behind your idea :)

Hope you enjoy the forums.