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Automatic Music Sorting Program Thingy Like Application? For Mac?


Senior Member
Okay so I have 50gb of music on my external disc, and I would like it to be organized a little. But there is no way in hell I can do that all by myself. Does anyone know if there is any kind of clever application that reads track details and groups them into folders?

And if there isn't, someone should either make one or come clean up my music folders :rolleyes:


Staff member
itunes should be able to do all that for you although you may need to do a little fine tuning if the file info is poor to start with.
(on windows) I let itunes sort my music into folders (artist - album - song) although I do sometimes have to 'group' the album together (simple highlight and link by name of album/artist etc) because the tags don't auto link - its only a few albums, mostly compilations, and considering I've got over 100Gigs worth of music that isn't bad in my view.


Senior Member
Just download albums into folders... bit late now but I can still find what im looking for amongst 80gb of other (legal :p) music.


Senior Member
I'm talking sorting actual folders, not just my iTunes playlists. And as far as I can see, iTunes sorts your library only on artist :(


Senior Member
Hear ye', hear ye' !
I have found a solution :)

When you select multiple tracks (the entire album for example), you can click get info and in the 'Options' tab you can choose "Part of a compilation? yes - no". Choosing yes will put all the selected songs in a folder with the name of the Album (which you can specify in the other tabs), album folder will be located User/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Compilations

Still gonna take me a while to get 50 gigs organized though :p