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autologout is very annoying

Hi Guys

GDF has sat on my desk top all day... it's been great

ACCEPT, everytime I go to reply to a post, i'm suddenly logged out.

Whats the chance of turning OFF the timed logout on this forum?

I'd bet many of us here, sit at our desks with you in the background - and I'll be we're all getting annoyed with constantly having to relogin... just coz we haven't refreshed the page withing say... 6 minutes.

Is this something that could be done... or can you/will you not do anything to change it?

There are other forums I'm on, were I can sit all day logged in without a problem.



Stationery Direct

Staff member
Hi Jim

As Fred mentioned above, when you login click "remember me" you will then stay logged in until you log out.

Any problems just give me a shout.