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August avatar theme


Active Member
I think we should have an Avatar theme as we are suppose to be creative people.
As I have changed into a shark, I suggest for August we are Animals that we think are best suited to us.
In September someone else can choose - possibly the winner of the DF comp.
Now find the animal in your!
"la la la" otter for me, it's yawning, but it totally looks like it's saying "la la la can't hear youuuu", and I love otters :D


Senior Member
I went for an orangutan, they are one of the few animals that really impress me when I see them in person. They always look like there is a lot more going on in their head than they show outwardly. I can be like that.


Active Member
I've gone with the squirrel, generally clever and persistent, also according to Wikipedia they have been the cause of power outages. They can readily climb a power pole and crawl across a power line. The animals will climb onto transformers or capacitors looking for food. If they touch a high voltage conductor and a grounded portion of the device at the same time, they are then electrocuted and cause a short circuit that shuts down equipment. Squirrels have brought down the high-tech NASDAQ stock market twice.

Any animal that is that small and can bring the NASDAQ down deserves some praise, maybe it was a squirrel that started the credit crunch?