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Asset Management Software. Recommendations?

Hi All!
I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a decent design asset management system/product?


Staff member
what as in textures, brushes, images that sort of thing....
Personally I just have them in folders on a separate drive... they're all in the 'same location' so I don't need to hunt round for them and they're easily organised.
Hi Levi,
I more interested in a tool specifically, or primarily, for managing image assets e.g. stock images, logos etc
It would also be good to be able to manage PDFs and other doc types.
I guess Adobe Bridge is pretty effective for tracking down image assets, as long as you have a logical file structure and tag your images appropriately.
I'm also after something which non-designers can access and use, for the purpose of uploading assets for us to use.
I've been looking at Adobe Experience Manager, but it seems very corporate.