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ArtworkerUK saying hello

Hi all

have just joined the forum. I am a freelance artworker, have had quite a few years experience artworking for print. Am Mac based and know Adobe CS3 quite well, so if anybody has any questions about techniques with InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop, don't be afraid to ask, I might be able to help.

I am looking for new freelance opportunities and would be interested in collaborating on projects. I have been badly let down by my main client (they say thay cannot pay me) seems to be happening more often these days. Looking for fresh ideas and ways to earn a crust. You can see my work on my website (more of a portfoilio and not as good as some out there, my background is in print) http://www.artworkeruk.com

I would welcome some sort of feedback, or if anyone has any CS3 questions or would like to talk about collaboration then that would be great.

Many thanks


Welcome to the Forum Gary :)

I did finish paste up too... many years ago.. (one of my first jobs out of university).
thanks for the support guys. Bit of a technophobe when it comes to these forums.

I started out with hot metal, can you beat that! Then paste up, film planning before sitting at a screen all day.

I had moobs before they were fashionable, but now I have reached the ripe old age of 47, they are starting to go… honest!

Just checked out your websites, they are all great and I have added them all to my favourites.

Thanks all


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I think we should start a Veterans Sections and we can idle the days away talking about casting off type, bromides, colour overlays, picas, and omnicrom. It will confuse the fook out of Tim and Co.!
Maybe the BBC will make a programme called Grumpy Old Artists?


god i miss the days of paper plates and bromides.. they were a great smell.. used to love the smell of some of the pantone inks :) good times :)
Hi Gary,

Welcome aboard. It's always great to have someone around with your level of experience. I hope you'll enjoy the forums!



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I have no idea what you're talking about, but welcome to the forum :)

I like your site, nice. Not so sure about Times New Roman tho!!!!!!


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Welcome Aboard Gary

I started off doing paste up on a drawing board.
The boss was so mean we didn't have chairs and we'd have to stand all day at the boards.

That were back when whatever we did we still had change out of a ten bob:lol:


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Welcome to the forums Gary, pleased you could join us, you're actually our 2nd member from Ramsgate, and third from Thanet, as I'm just up the road in sunny Margate! Small world! Although I'm over in NZ as I'm typing this :)

Look forward to hearing more from you!
Thanks, Greg
tim-ater said:
I have no idea what you're talking about, but welcome to the forum :)

I like your site, nice. Not so sure about Times New Roman tho!!!!!!


I know what you mean about the fonts, bit of a design faux pas, I just wanted to get something up on the web pretty quickly as my circumstances have changed a bit. The site is only an interim while I am trying to get some stuff together. It was really just to showcase the magazine, flyers and other stuff that I do to agencies in a freelance capacity.

I am putting together a different strategy and am hoping to have something in place in the next few weeks.

Thanks for the comment though.