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Artwork for the music biz

Have any DF regulars done work for the music industry?

I might have the opportunity to do some cover art for some small labels and I'd like to know the going rate... for cover art, for example.

I'm tempted to quote my hourly/daily rate, but, like logo design, it would be nice to have a competitive fixed guide price for such work.

Any pointers appreciated. Cheers!


Active Member
Hi Lee,

I know Michael does a lot of band artwork and design - Defy Designs - The work of Michael Partridge
& have also seen Russell doing some artwork for a client through DF.

I would imagine it could be quite tricky to quote a price guide, as there could be a wide variety of elements coming together, from logo design to photography to illustration.

Whilst that doesn't help, I'm sure someone will be along with some more insight/advice!! :)
Thanks Greg. I appreciate there are many factors to consider when it comes to estimating/budgeting, but it was more of a general query as to whether the music industry pays similar prices to publishing or packaging, for example.

I'll check the links out.


Senior Member
Most of my work is for the music industry, I'd love to give you a definitive answer, but I don't have one.

PM me if you want.