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Artistic eyes needed


Junior Member
Hello, this is not spam. I recently took up learning photoshop and illustrator but im not very good at it yet and ive never been very artistic :). Anyway, A friend of mind asked me to design a template that we could drop the basic vouchers on this website into- so they are all branded the same. The vouchers also go into a print book about a chequebook size. I'm basically just looking for some suggestions as i don't know which direction to go in.

Im thinking something simple and solid, with the crest in one of the corners? Any suggestions on colours or alternatives?

here are two of the voucher examples- all physically the same size

Star School Supplies

Kind regards and many thanks for reading.
Hi Joey. Firstly not great starting with "this is not spam". Secondly you will get much more of a response if you introduce yourself properly first.