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Aria - slowest delivery ever


Senior Member
I ordered my new PC on friday; making sure all of the comoponents I ordered were in stock.

It still hasn't arrived.

I won't be ordering anything from them again!


Anyone else had slow deliveries?
ouch, and no. Ordered 2 hard drives from them on errr Wednesday, arrived Friday. Colleague ordered a hard drive Sunday, arrived this morning.

I've ordered memory sticks and the like (I love their flippy AriaNET USB sticks) in the past and never had a problem

:( But, that really sucks, I hope it arrives soon!


had slow delivery from Amazon a few times.. they were a fortnight late from their dispatch centre in Wales before.. very annoying ..


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They have not sent the order out yet as they are waiting for arctic v silver compound to be in stock...

I mean it doesn't get more insignificant than that.. the one thing I could have bought from pc world or maplin has cost me a 4 day wait even though it was marked as in stock when I ordered it.

I'm so not happy..
Had a slow delivery from PC Specialist. They didn't have my chosen monitor in stock so I was waiting for ages. After being on their case for a while they eventually just gave me a higher spec monitor for no extra charge so I was happy in the end.

Ridiculous that your order is being delayed because of cooling paste!


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glenwheeler said:
ebuyer are horrid..I waited 2 weeks with some "In Stock" 20" Screens to be delivered. Eventually i cancelled and bought some more.
I usually use ebuyer and have had a good experience with them but aria was slightly cheaper..