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Are you a blogger?


Senior Member
Hey guys,

Anyone got a blog of any sort? Post your URLs!

I'm hoping this'll start some chat up again, as well as finding some cool-i-o bloggers. I'm hoping that there's some mega-cool person who has a blog like this.


Thats a nice looking site you found there Timbo :)

i'm not really a blogger at all i'll be honest... but i can see the appeal :)

I personally prefer webcomics :p (yeah I outgeeked you :lol: ) but each to their own :)


fair enuff :) I think that if you blog it should be about your life outside work not work related (that could be saved for your job :)) but thats just me :)


I would worry that my life is boring and that I have nothing interesting to say LOL


Senior Member
Haha, my old boss has just set up a blog coincidentally which may suffer your fears, Chris: caravancapers [dot] co [dot] uk

Didn't want to directly link it, obviously.
I have a blog.. But it's totally anonymous.. So posting it would kind of defeat the object. However, it's mostly badmouthing my colleagues and posting pictures of clothes I want.. So no one is missing much.. Or are you?


Senior Member
Well I think we work at the same office and I'm pretty sure we share a similar taste of clothing *cough*
Just show us the damn blog :eek:


Senior Member
I have often thought about starting a blog for the rambling shit that comes out of my head, but i'll stick to some random rambling on that (see the link by there? no? what are you blind?) one.


Senior Member
I've been blogging for a few months now and I've been enjoying it a lot.
I apologise that this post will turn into me being a show off, but something rather nice has happened and I wanted to tell someone.

One of my blog posts has been included in the Creative bookmarks (July) section, over on the Tutorial9 site. Link