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Are these two logo's any good?

Like I said, they are just quick ones I made, how would you suggest I make better ones?
Start from scratch.

Read up on some theory about logo design and work through the fundamental basics i.e. it still works in black and white, it's vectored and so on.

If you want to apply any effects then do so when it comes to the application of your logo wherever, not whilst still in the design stage.

Have a look through something like this and then compare it to what you've done for the above examples, see how it goes.
Guys, What does "Vector" Mean?
That says it all. Go and learn some stuff. Most of us did three or four years of college, numerous work placements, then years in industry to learn what we know. And we're still learning. I spent my first year at college drawing, learning to see, learning the theory. Then we were allowed to try designing logos. And they were still shit.