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Apple's New Mac Books


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Just saw this article on CNN and wanted to share for those who love Mac. :eek:
New Mac Book Pros -CNN.com

Except the article does not say if those will be available in the UK or for how much but I am sure they will be as well.


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£100 isn't bad for the increase in spec, however even with student discount I don't have the cash to shell out for the 15" models. Shame really, thought they might bring in an i5 at less than £1000 (after discount)


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DeanZappy said:
Entry level 13 inch went from £899 to £999, ouch.
and is still core 2 duo according to specs (ie 6 yeas old architecture, same as the last one), it hasn't really been upgraded and I'm pretty sure the geforce 320 is just another rebadge of the previous gpu (nvidia not apple here). So apart from the improved batterylife, which I think is down to a larger size battery there isn't much reason to buy that one.

The 13" really is bad value now compared with what you can get elsewhere with windows on if you're prepared to go a little bulkier and run windows - asus U30JC-1A for example is $900 (mac 13" is $1199) and runs an i3 with the gf320 and has 9 hours batterylife. Maybe not quite as stylish as a mac, but you know it just shows what the 13" should have been spec wise.

15" isn't too bad spec wise but I think the price has gone up again and they look to have finally given the option of a higher res display - good god! The improved batterylife is down to using the intel gpu's, they are relatively frugal with the power usage compared with the last options but they are also considerably weaker.

Will say it's nice to see apple's implemented nvidia's optimus tech like windows has ;)


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and outdated. Its the 12" powerbook all over again, apple haven't bothered upgrading the smaller size model again.
Nicely put....

I have a 12" G4 Powerbook and use it as a back up machine and for portable surfing.

It's a great stable platform that does the job. Sure I'm not doing Photoshop or video work on it but as a 4 year old 300 quid laptop it 's grand.

Interested in the new Mac laptops ..... new toys....


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benefits not features levi.

for yourself, maybe you need a faster computer.

for the rest of us who can handle 4gb ram 250gb 2.4ghz really well for our design/etc apps, it's great.

i'm on 2.66ghz 4gb 500gb hdd - not realyl slowed once for me, whatever im doing.

now that doesnt mean i use high usage apps or low usage apps, but what it does mean is that it suits my usage perfectly.

13" mbp are beautiful.

i have 15", hate it. too big. that's why i love my ipad.


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apple dont show tax on their prices in america (like all companies) as it depends on each state.

let's go with New York fo example (as that's the only one i can remember)

i think 9.845% on top.


so £856

still £140 but who cares... get it in the US if you want it.


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Nah I'm happy with my iMac for now. Any mobile internetting needs doing, it gets done by the iPod Touch or even the iBook G4 that still bombs along like a good'un.


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tim said:
benefits not features levi.
How is having a core 2 duo over an i3/i5 a benefit on the 13"?
The i3/i5 and i7 for that matter have all shown that they are better performing cpu's and they use the same or less power. They also have the built in gpu to allow for better battery life, just like the 15/17" models.

I'm not saying the c2d is a slow cpu but relatively I'm sure that people would appreciate extra performance or longer battery life options afforded by using the core i processors.

I'm actually more about batterylife on a laptop than all out performance but I like a balanced value proposition. I'm not the only one questioning apples decision to not really upgrade the 13" model, performance wise it offers very little reason to buy it over the white macbook