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Apple Store Newcastle

Hi Guys,

I know theres a few toon members on here that live in and around newcastle. I just saw on the site that the new Apple store is opeining up in Eldon Square on the 16th of This Month! Exciting times! Is anyonre going along?

Apple Retail Store (United Kingdom) - Eldon Square

Even Sundays Opening times...I wonder if they are employing people? I only work 3 days a week at the moment :/
Yup I'm going along in the morning on the 16th....might see you there Glen?

I guess your the one in the racing car jacket and helmet running around going bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm!

I'll keep a eye out for you.
Is your carer coming too?


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Typo said:
Could be. Are you going Berry or do you send one of your people?.
I'll just get my people to speak to my other people to see which people the people will be sending to see all the other people.

Or I may just come and pretend to be Tims dad and embarrass him in public.
I'll be the strange uncle with the gammy leg sucking on a Greggs pasty and supping a can of Special Brew at 9am.

or maybe I'll dress up and get into character.


Berry said:
Or I may just come and pretend to be Tims dad and embarrass him in public.
Oh please let this happen and someone film it and upload it to youtube :D :lol: :clap:


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there's some good news and some bad news.

the bad news is that i'll have to end this week on a HUGE high to get to go.

the good news is that i suck ending on huge highs because i get content with where i was at originally :p

i'll try get my shift covered if not and levitate up there as if by magic.

6am train tho.



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My iphone won't turn on - the battery has been running down overnight recently. This morning it's completly dead and i can't get it to charge up, has the phone got to be 'on' to charge?
It's in a iphone charger deck but no life on the phone. Help


have you tried holding the power button and the select button together at the same time? Does a reset :) dunno if this will help Berry :)


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sorted.... I told it that if it didn't wake up he may have to be relocated to Tims bedroom and by treat sexually like any other appliance that Tim gets his hand on. The iphone has now got its arse in gear!
No it doesn't have to be on to recharge.
As suggested do the reset and see what happens. Is this the 3Gs or the older one you had?
Did you do the recent OS upgrade?

Why not leave it synced up over night to make sure the charge is there for next day.
Not good though.

If problem continues take to the Apple Store next week!
Ask them it's wot they get payed for.


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glenwheeler said:
I wonder if they are employing people? I only work 3 days a week at the moment :/
They WERE. I applied and got into the 2nd lot of hiring (they'd already staffed the place but decided to get a few more bods in). I got to the final set of hoops to jump through but unfortunately didn't get the job. Point being, you could apply anyway but I think they're fully staffed now.
Awww well never mind, am enjoying my spare days off to do my own freelance stuff so its all good. So happy were getting an Apple Store up North though, bout flaming time!