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Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

Anyone bought the Apple Pencil for drawing and painting? And if so, what's your experience?
I was looking into buying a new Wacom tablet, but this looks intriguing.

Paul Murray

Staff member
I don't think this would replace my stylus and tablet completely, it looks more like an add-on for the iPad Pro. From what I can see it's only compatible with iPad apps too. If that's the case it's kind of useless for general design work, unless you work exclusively on an iPad Pro which I doubt. Wacom do something similar (which you can definitely find cheaper than the link provided).


Staff member
Personally I'd be buying a surface pro 4 over the iPad Pro due to being able to use full programs with 100% compatibility etc...

Wacom also do a 'crossover' product called the cintiq companion 2 which works both with a computer and separately which I'd pick over just the plain cintiq display, although it's not exactly cheap :)