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Apple App Store....

I like being able to buy 'bits' of iLife11 and not bad prices to boot.
I know Apple will, as you say straightjacket and spoon feed us app tit bits....but I kinda like it.

Angry Birds isn't working though. I didn't buy it just read the reviews.


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You should've named this topic The Mac App Store, Typo. When I first read this i didn't even know they'd done such a thing and thought "apple app store, yeah and?" Makes sense that they would. But nothing happens when I touch the monitor...


Senior Member
Well the top bar makes no sense. Not only is it different from all other apps, it just doesn't look right.
The interface itself looks ok; it has that Apple feel to it, but it doesn't have that finished touch that the iTunes store has.

Concerning the apps itself I can't quite make a judgement myself yet, but I've already read a few blog posts and even a dedicated tumblog to poorly designed apps featured in the store.

All in all, I prefer Bodega, which after all has been around for quite a while now.