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App Development



One of my clients wants me to design and build an app for him, which isn't a problem but I was wondering how the hosting of apps work, do apple/android host them for you - even with databases or are you expected to find your own web server, or do you need to get special app hosting?
Your apps will be hosted by yourself, however they have to be submitted to the app stores first to become available for download. Each of them have different rules to prepare them for the app store. I have the apple one book marked. This is the apple prep instructions Loading…

Once downloaded you will be the provider or hoster of the app, that is of course the app requires it. Once downloaded the app will run locally. If its an app that pulls data then yes you will need that to be stored somewhere. If its just a little daft app like flash light then that does not require any sort of communication with a server. All updates for apps will have to pass apples prep stages each time.

Apple are very strict on preparation of their apps, something as simple as the app icon could be refused by apple.


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something as simple as the app icon could be refused by apple.
not really like that anymore.

apps are now approved by an automated system nowadays, too.

the restrictions are really only ever put into place if you a) are a known con, b) you're selling an app with 1 feature, c) there are hundreds of apps with the same idea and no difference already out there, d) it's buggy, e) you use private APIs, f) you copied someone else's work.