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Anyone selling old graphics tablets?


Sean Lee-Amies

One of my friends is looking to buy a graphics tablet for a maximum of £75. I wondered if anyone had an old one lying around that they don't use any more and wanted to get rid of it?
Thanks everyone.

Sean Lee-Amies

You're right, I might suggest that actually. I had sort of forgotten about them. It might be that they aren't quite high enough spec, but you can't really complain if you've only got £75 to spend on a new tablet!


Staff member
I was really surprised how good they are.
TBH I can't tell the difference between that and my old Intuos (apart from the Bamboo doesn't hog my whole desk) but I it depends on what it's used for.

Tony Hardy

Never used a graphics tablet in my life. Can't imagine liking it. Might have to give it a whirl.