Anyone know how to do this?



Hi All,

I've had this request from a potential client:

"Do you think that you could create a commerce section on the website where a customer pays a set fee to answer a question (Multiple choice) and as a prize is allocated a raffle ticket? The ticket number would not need to be emailed out immediately as I also intend on selling them to cash buyers however the persons details i.e. address, contact number and email would be required to be taken for the raffle ticket to then be sent to them.
I would like a counter on this page that I could update to show customers how many tickets are left."

Would a third party shopping cart or something do this?
I'm not that hot on web design so I don't really know how to start with this one. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello GProvan,
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Hi Deep,

Thanks for that, but I was wondering about the process involved before looking into hiring someone. Ideally I'd like to do it myself.

Paul Murray

Paul Murray

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I'd probably use something like PayPal's button creator –
The US version of the site has a page for selling digital products but I can't find an equivalent for the UK –

Using something pre-built like Shopify or another platform that lets you sell digital products/downloads is an option, but you'll likely find yourself locked into a contract with monthly fees and royalties. Building something from scratch is another option but the amount of time spent to ensure it's secure and linked to a payment gateway is likely not worth it in this case.


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No expert on coding it but the problem with this type of thing would be stopping people from just making their own raffle tickets or faking results etc, paying for it and getting a 'raffle ticket given' isn't going to be the hard bit.

I'd think something like the below system would work:
Purchase button links to a 'number generator' that automatically assigns a raffle ticket from a range but is only able to do each number once. You could assign a range for the 'paper tickets' and a range for the 'digital tickets'
This number is then sent to the email address of the purchaser along with another randomly generated reference code or even better a barcode/qr code in the email to reduce fakes.
At the same time an identical copy to the 'owner' of the raffle to reduce the possibility of any fakes, while this wouldn't stop the possibility of a fake it would reduce it's chances.

A database I'm guessing would be used to ensure the numbers are recorded and not used more than once etc.