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Anyone heard of this php out-of-the-box music shop?


Senior Member
Hi all

I wondered if anyone had heard of/encountered this:


(there is an admin and store demo down the page and a download file)

Its something im working on customizing to try and save the people im volunteering for from forking out for a content management system (that would probably have to be custom built because ive found out their hosts arent the best..)

im halfway through customizing it but because im only html/css-literate (can read some php, but not other parts) and i think itd be a piece of cake for anyone who knew anything about php could just point me in the right direction itd be v helpful for me.

first off is my footer halfway up the page hah i can appreciate this may be a html error but i cant seem to decipher what i need to change in the mostly php files in order to fix this problem (it is most likely to literally be a missing div/extra div someplace but i cant see for the php..)

Second is customisation of the navigation menu - What i cant understand is where parts of the php such as M_URL and C_URL, which obviously are replaced by data from elsewhere, and the actual anchor text, can be edited. I do apologise for not being as clued up on php, btu in the past I have edited things like this no problem - think I am a bit stumped because I cant find any reference to edit the menu in the .php files, don't really want to touch much that I can't read, and there are no options to edit these within the admin area.

My project so far is at :


(maian script world seems actually pretty useful for those a little more knowledgeable than me!)