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Anyone have any feedback on these sites? Cheers

bsearcher - Fullwidth text is a no-no my friend. It hurts my neck going right to left like Im watching tennis at Wimbledon. Research some typography 'rules'. Its minimal I grant you, but doesn't inspire me personally. Its not bad for a beginner, but now go back and be ultra-critical about what youve done. Its got the foundations to be a good working site but it needs a designer to get his/her hands on it

DJ - Got promise fella. Needs looking at the design again though. Its for a DJ and your using no skills design wise on the images or anything below the slider. This is the ideal platform to show your design skills and current understanding of what is out there for the dance scene. Push yourself and I'd want to see more from this if I was the client.

Kitchen - Start again in my opinion. Its about kitchens yet I cant see the kitchen and more lazy typography. Look at the very best in web design and set yourself that as something to aim for.

2 out of 3 with promise though - type in inspiring website designs to google and see what you need to aim for though fella. set the bar high and you'll end up nearer to it.....

Cheers :)

These sites were all made while I was working as an apprentice and I only got a short time to design and create them.

The kitchens one was made in only a couple of hours. I was told on the day could I create a kitchen website for the end of the day. I didn't get any sort of breif or information of what I was making which made it hard to add anything to it.

Even the bsearcher.com one was made in under a week including images and copy for the site.

As I am at the end of my apprenticeship I am looking for work outside of the company where I can create a website to my full potential and not rush the design. I am looking to build my portfolio and gain mote experiance and knowledge.

I am currently in the process of creating my portfolio. Here's what I've got so far although I'm still working and improving it


I know the free hosting isn't good and I am going to go to a different host soon. I will also remove the add at the bottom left when I can

Let me know what you think



Junior Member
I doubt designing is really appreciative, but you don't have enough content for these site. I think you should work more on content side.
You should more work on your mentioned websites. You need outstanding website and rich contents to perform well. Already "smadamij" has mentioned details. Please work on those.
I would have to agree with some of the statements that were said above such as start the kitchen site again, It looks very unprofessional. I think that there is certain design principles that should be utilized if you aren't provided with a brief or lack of information. Another thing about it is that it doesn't take up my whole screen.
I agree with the others, but also look at the sites from a marketing perspective. Does it tell you exactly what the site does, don't forget the public are a fickle bunch and like the back button!
On your site, it took me a few seconds to find the menu icons, although that may be because im not yet properly awake. :D Also consider giving the viewer a 'title' for the pages, theyre losing impact because youre having to search to find what they are and do.