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Anyone have a typography inspired tattoo?

I've been thinking about getting one for a few years now and have something in mind.

Does anyone have a typographical tattoo, or a type inspired one? Maybe you've designed one using a specific typeface!
Make sure it's kerned right! I really like ampersands... but I don't think I'd go as far as to get a tattoo of one. Just make sure it won't date in your mind, or your opinions on the font/wording etc. change. But I guess that goes for any tattoo.
At nearly 34 I don't think a passion for typography or design is something that will go away anytime soon! Not sure yet, still mulling it over. I'm thinking classic type.

How are you finding Ayreshire?
I don't mean a general interest will change, I mean specific interest towards a certain typeface or style etc. This is the reason why I can't get a tattoo, because I'd end up changing my mind after a while! ha

It's nice, busy at work but still finding some time to get out and see the sights. I've got visitors from the South this weekend so I think we'll try and get a few of the local activities in (buckfast down the beach).
If you like beaches and castles check out Culzean Bay. The castle has Eisenhower's suite, amazing gardens and the beach is pretty nice for a walk. Then there's Electric Brae, Millport and Alloway!
Culzean a favourite of mine, was at a wedding there last week. I've driven through the Electric Brae a few times and mustn't have been paying attention/paying attention to the driving part... I like Millport, good for a little cycle.

Think we will take the canoe to Loch Doon and go to Arran weather depending. Probably go to Ibrox for a climb and escape for a snowboard! Lets hope the weather holds out for the outdoor stuff!
haha my girlfriend enjoyed it yesterday, so it seems like I may get roped (get it) into going there and doing the same. I need to conquer my justified fear of heights in order to enjoy climbing there!