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Anyone got a good back up routine?


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Mine's a bit hit and miss: I back up onto a memory stick with anything new every day, then put all that on a dvd when the stick is full, and put my whole work folder (ie not home crap) onto a dvd every few months as well. But I know there must be a better, more streamlined way... ideally that doesn't involve buying anything eg an external drive. I'm just looking for a nice, tried and tested routine! Any ideas?:confused:
Now yer talking...

Back on topic, external HD and Mac Time Machine. Burning dvds at regular intervals is also recommended. I have dual externals backing up stuff in case one fails. They can and do.


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Hi Lula,

I know you said without buying an external hard drive, but from my experience that's been the best way! and given the price drops of external drives it's not too expensive. I have a Seagate FreeAgent Pro that comes with a backup utility that runs automatically and finds any new or modified files from specified directories/folders, and backs it up, they also have an online facility, but I've not bothered with that yet.

Sounds like it might save you some time/hassle of constantly transferring files and burning DVDs? If you was worried about the external HD going wrong you could always take a DVD backup of that drive every so often? Although you could end up in a vicious cycle of backing up the backup of the backup :)



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Thanks for those suggestions guys. I will investigate them all!
PS Just come back from school run to find that the DVD I left burning has been rudely spat out unfinished. Pah.


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I bought a 500gb external, and got sent 2 by accident! Woooo!

I wouldnt say I have a routine, I just do it whenever I remember. Usually atleast once a week, I plug everything in, camera first, then hard drive(master) one and then number 2(duplicate).

And yes I have had the horror story because I didn't back a project up and had to do all the work again!


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10.4.11 actually (I know, I know, get up to date Grandma...)

I'm not sure if that camel thing is a real saying or my dad made it up! Funny though, and very true in my experience!!


I back up every week my work laptop and my home laptop, both using timemachine and copying my work files to an external 500gb pen drive. Keeps my work safe for me :)


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we dont use time machine in the studio I work in as it would make the machines run too slowly. instead we have a great piece of software (its free i think) called carbon copy cloner. its ded easy to use, and once you install it you tell it where your external hard drive is, what time every day you would like to back up (mine is set to 11pm) and then it does it automatically every night. you can even get it to back up to multiple externals if you are really paranoid!
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