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Anyone got a contact for JazaJay


Active Member
Anyone got a contact for JazaJay? I know he hasn't been around but he's the best SEO geek i k
now and i need to find him again!


Staff member
Berry I'll send you a pm with the email address I have for him from msn.... haven't even seen him on there for a while either.... I do know he started working for a web company but can't remember the name....
edit... well I would but you can't receive any more messages....
edit 2.... just checked my inbox on here and I know how to find him on facebook if you don't mind being a facebook stalker for a day :)


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Thanks everyone, Greg has kindly gave me lead and I'll follow up. Didn't want to be too public as I'm sure know Jaz has his reasons for his profiles so didn't want to upset things.
You know when they say anything can be found on the internet? - well after 4 hours and a wild goose chase to the USA, I did track someone down but ut was the wrong Jaz ( won't tell u his real, name) - but he was a great SEO guy!!!