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Anybody been to Milan?

Me andmy friend are thinking of taking our friend to Milan next year for her hen night. Has anybody here ever been?
Where did you stay?
What was the nightlife like?
Is it good for shopping? (I know its a fashion capital so may be a silly question)
Any good places to eat?
Fun things to do or see?

Any reviews would be much appreciated.
Doing some research.
glenwheeler said:
I've heard Milan is a really quite place actuually. I've never been myself but I heard it was a nice place!
Oh I dont want quiet.
I dont want roudy IBIZA scenes but some atmosphere and nightlife for us girls!


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My fiancee lived in Pavia just outside of Milan for a year as part of her law studies so I spent a lot of time in Milan.

It's not a typical hen party location as it's very expensive and the night life is fairly quiet.

Certainly a good place to go if you're looking for something more upmarket; though personally I'd choose Barcelona over Milan as there's more to do as a group there.
Yeah I love Barcelona, I have been twice but we have all been there before for another friends birthday, so want to go somewhere new... hmm will have to keep thinking of places.
I did a mini tour of Italy in 2005, spent a couple of nights in Milan, then Rome, Venice and finally Bergamo.

I have to say I wasn't overly impressed by Milan. There was some nice bits, but I much preferred Rome and Venice. The food and atmosphere was much better.

That said my first night in Milan I had one of the best pizzas I have ever had, in a quiet wee restaurant in a back street behind the train station.

The Hotel was "Hotel Terminal" it was small, but nice and friendly, despite being in a pretty dodgy area (at night at least).

Overall it was nice to wander about and admire the architecture, but we didn't really go out other than for dinner and drinks so can't comment on the nightlife. The shopping was good, but expensive.

I would definitely agree with Charles on Barcelona though, it really is great. Plenty to do during the day, the bus tours are great, as are all the Gaudi buildings. Food was great, and there always seemed like there was plenty going on at night.

Edit: Ooops just realised you said you have been to Barcelona, how did I miss that???

If you want Italy I would say Rome. Other suggestions would be Malaga or Mallorca, Palma is a pretty cool city, and there are some great little places all along the coast (except for Magaluf which is horrid). Although it can be expensive to eat and drink.
Just to clear it up, I dont want to go back to the same places or anywhere in th UK.
I have been to:
Barcelona x2

I'd love have the money to take her to Monaco/St Tropes but thats not gonna happen :(
Unless we go somewhere near there and travel into Monaco one day.