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Any Wordpress Designers Out There?

Hi Guys,

I just wondered if there was any wordpress designers out there? I am looking for a theme to be designed for my website which is using wordpress, if you interested please contact me thanks guys!

Kind Regards,
Glen Wheeler


Active Member
Hi Glen,

I'm assuming this is a paid project so have moved it to the Design Marketplace section, do you have a budget in mind for the work?



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glenwheeler said:
TBH there wasnt anything there that impressed me, its still up there for someone to take on if they want the project?
I'm sure BlueOcto could do a decent job, ( providing she does after hours!)
I am currently taking on jobs to build my portfolio. To be able to assist you further, I would need more information from you send me a pm. At your quoted budget for this task, I would also like to know the time frame as this may influence my decision.


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Everyone realises that said £50 and not £500, right? This is a WP design job and the budget is 50GBP, just so you know…
Yeah I agree, not many people would touch this for £50, me included, but alot of starters this is perfect for them really. They get to build up there portfolio, and learn new things on the way. Yeah the money isn't the best, but you have to start somewhere. With every job you have to work your way up, and get paid for the more knowledge you have of the things.


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I would have thought if this is your first job you'd do it and then get paid once the client is happy, for at least 4x the amount being offered here.