Any tips for me?

I am just about to design some business cards and I am fairly proficient in Photoshop CS2, although, I have never designed anything for print, is there anything that I need to bear in mind, any tips please?

Thanks in advance

Most business cards are 85mm x 55mm when trimmed, but you will also need to extend each edge by 3mm to allow for 'bleed'. Thyis will mean your canvas size in Photoshop should be set up at a size of 91mm x 61mm.

Keep all text 6mm from the canvas edge to ensure nothing is chopped when the card is trimmed by the printer.

Make sure the document is set to CMYK and at a resolution of 300dpi.

hope that helps a bit.
Thanks Pixel

What a great explanation, I had no idea about the dpi, bleed or CMYK thingy, you've saved me some wasted time with that post.

Thanks again :icon_smile:


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Good explanation Col :icon_thumbup:

From your post in the other thread I presume this is for the Business Cards Special Offer from me.

Col has explained what is required perfectly and if you design to those guidelines then the artwork will be perfect for print.

If you get stuck or need any further advice then just give me a shout.


Agree with Cheapest above - a good print studio should be able to email you a PSD photoshop template with the correct resolution, colour profile and bleed margins which you can then work off - makes life a lot easier! :icon_wink:

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